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Towed truck in, got quote that day $471 from Brad, minor repair-fix today or tomorrow. Next day I called for status, ready tomorrow. Next morning Brad called and said another part was broken and requires more work-$778 now, I said wait checked prices at GMC dealer. Price for labor was .2 hours less and parts were both about 50% less. Went back to (Mr Milex Transmission) Mr. Transmission talked with Brad. The bill had been reduce to $602. He explained they had accidently billed me for double hours. I told him about the GMC dealer prices. He said they don't try to match their prices. I asked him if he could lower the bill by $100. He said that since they did not call me for a go ahead on the last part an get permission, he would take it off. I'm retired and spent 10 hours checking these prices and the reasonableness of them driving about 40 extra miles too. Others might not have the time. I felt as though they attempted to take advantage of me. Check the BBB and other internet reviews for Mr. Milex by Mark H

Mr. Harwell truck was towed in to our center with 1st gear only and with a linkage issue. Once the truck was on the lift we could easily see that shifter cable was broken at the transmission and was likely the reason why the transmission had only 1st gear. So we sold Mr. Harwell the shifter cable 1st. Unfortunately once we started installing the shifter cable we notices M. Harwell also had broken part of his steering column located up under the dash and would also need replaced. We have repaired many Chevy shifted cables in the past however this was the 1st one that we have seen that also needed part of the steering column as well. We are very sorry that the cost to repair Mr. Harwell Truck was more than the shifter cable estimate due to the extra needed steering column parts and that he spent 10 hours trying to find someone cheaper than us to fix it. I can also understand why Mr. Harwell might think we tried to take advantage of him because of the extra parts cost and the dealership told Mr. Harwell (without seeing the truck) they can fix it cheaper than us, But I want Mr. Harwell to know we 100% did not try to take advantage of him. Please understand our cost to repair his truck is based on national used estimation labor time guide and the cost for the parts is given to us by our vendors. Due to our great relationship with our customers, 80% of our business is referral and we hate that Mr. Harwell truck cost more to fix then we would have known otherwise we would have told him up front. We did try making it right by reducing the cost to $509.48. Our families need your business and our reputation is built on honesty so thank you for allowing us to finish that repair and we hope you had no further issue with it.

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